So if you’re recently engaged, you’re probably overwhelmed with all the planning involved! Many couples like to save on the cost of a full-blown wedding planner and opt for a day- or month of coordinator instead! So what the heck is a coordinator? What is a day-of wedding coordinator? If you want to have more […]

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Why You Need a Wedding Coordinator

You are so excited about planning your wedding that now probably wondering if doing a first look at your wedding day is right for you. Long gone are the days when you HAD to wait to see your spouse until you were walking down the aisle. Let me guess? You want to capture the purest […]

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Couple on their wedding day walking and looking at each other with some trees in the background

Should You Do a First Look At Wedding Day?

You’ve probably seen the “What to wear to your engagement session – for Her,” and if you haven’t, you can find it here. I wanted to take some time and focus on the guys for this blog. I mean, they are also an important part of your engagement session. Let’s get straight to the point […]

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Couple walking at the Ferry Landing overlooking San Diego skyline.


You’ve booked your photographer and now wondering what to wear for your engagement session. It’s such an exciting time, and you probably have a million and one ideas going through your head! But I’m guessing the biggest one is, “what in the world am I going to wear?!” Trust me, I know exactly how you […]

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Couple holding hands and walking down the beach in Malibu, CA

What to wear for your engagement session – For Her

So if you haven’t already visited San Diego, California, you may want to book a trip. With the perfect weather and a thousand (and one) gorgeous backdrops to choose from, you literally can’t go wrong getting married in San Diego. Unbeatable Weather You literally can’t beat the weather in San Diego (and I’ve traveled enough […]

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Why You Should Consider Getting Married in San Diego

Wedding days are my absolute favorite! The excitement, the hustle, and bustle, the love that’s so electric…it’s all just…FUN! Wedding mornings are the best, but what really makes it all come together are the wedding details! Being a seasoned wedding photographer is a literal dream come true when I get to witness love in its […]

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San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer - San Diego Wedding - Socal wedding - Southern California Wedding -wedding details san diego

Planning Your Morning: Why Wedding Details Matter

When planning your anniversary trip you don’t want to be off on an island secluded from wifi and nothing to do. You want to be somewhere beautiful, with great food and lots of options on how to spend your day while enjoying each others’ company. 1. Hang out on at beach in Coronado The main […]

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4 Reasons To Have Your Anniversary Trip in Coronado, CA



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