Why You Should Consider Getting Married in San Diego

So if you haven’t already visited San Diego, California, you may want to book a trip. With the perfect weather and a thousand (and one) gorgeous backdrops to choose from, you literally can’t go wrong getting married in San Diego.

couple with a dog with San Diego skyline in the background

Unbeatable Weather

You literally can’t beat the weather in San Diego (and I’ve traveled enough to know)! The weather is usually comfortably warm, but not hot—even in the midst of summer, when temps can reach about 90 degrees. In the colder months, San Diego can hover in the upper 60s or low 70s (which makes it perfect for those light sweater days). February is the wettest month, but even then, San Diego only sees about 40-50 wet days per year. Basically, pack some flip flops and a smile, because that’s all you really need. You really can beat the warm breeze when you get married in San Diego!

couple posing facing each other at the beach on top of a rock

Fairytale Wedding Venues

Oh my, where do I begin!? I will list just a few of my favorite spots for you, but a detailed description will be left for a later blog post so I can gush even more about these gorgeous spots.

wedding ceremony setup at the beach in Coronado, ca
couple walking holding hands on the beach in front of the hotel del coronado

Fun Places to Visit

There is no shortage of fun things to do while in San Diego for you and your wedding guests! Truth be told, I’d be shocked if your entire wedding party doesn’t want to move to San Diego if they are visiting from out of town.

Here are just a few fun places to visit in San Diego!

I literally could go on for DAYS.

Coronado Beach scenery with the sandiness and the ocean
the hotel del Coronado
Balboa park structures located in San Diego, ca
Balboa park structures located in San Diego, ca

San Diego Wedding Budgets

Ok, so I’ll be honest. San Diego isn’t exactly known for being an affordable place to live or vacation. With that said, there are ways to keep your wedding simple and still enjoy all the benefits that San Diego has to offer.

My favorite wedding hack is to research public places where you can stage a wedding for just the cost of a city permit! The only downfall to this option is that you can’t prohibit the movement of the public in and out of the space. But, hey, the more people to celebrate your love, the better, right?! It depends on your personal style!

Seriously, Come Visit and See For Yourself!

No matter what you decide for your San Diego wedding, I can assure you, you simply can NOT go wrong. My absolute favorite thing to do is help my out of town couples plan their wedding to ensure the best photography and backdrop they can imagine for their big day!

Drop me a message if you’re thinking about planning a trip to San Diego for your engagement session or wedding! I can’t wait to hear from you!

couple posing facing each other at the beach on top of a rock

Camila Margotta is a San Diego based wedding photographer who also specializes in engagements, couples, family, and maternity sessions! To reach out about your photography needs please fill out the contact form.

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