4 Reasons To Have Your Anniversary Trip in Coronado, CA

When planning your anniversary trip you don’t want to be off on an island secluded from wifi and nothing to do. You want to be somewhere beautiful, with great food and lots of options on how to spend your day while enjoying each others’ company.

1. Hang out on at beach in Coronado

The main beach in Coronado is beautiful with its golden flakes throughout the 1.5-mile long sand. Located on Ocean Boulevard it stretches into the Hotel Del. There you can choose to spend the day at the Del Beach and rent plush daybeds and half-moon cabanettes and feel like you are in paradise heaven. To make your day even better you can order food and drink service to the sand through Del Beach.

The perfect way to finish your day is by taking a stroll down the beach while watching the beautiful sunset.

2. Enjoy delicious food with great atmosphere

I LOVE food, like seriously love food! But, it has to be something deliciously mouthwatering to get me excited about it. Here are some of the top rated places with delicious options to choose from!

  1. Il Fornaio – This one is at the top of my list because not only it was voted one of the top restaurants according to Tripadvisor, I personally love it too! They serve delicious Italian food and the view of the San Diego skyline is always breathtaking!

Bonus tip: Taking a stroll after dinner at Il Fornaio is never a bad idea with a view like this!

Photo by Camila Margotta Photography

2. Lobster West– If you’re looking for something less formal but still mouthwatering this is the place to go! Their seafood – Lobster rolls to be specific is something everyone is raving about! If you want to see it for yourself check out what everyone is saying on Yelp!

3. MooTime Creamery- We can’t talk about food in Coronado without talking about MooTime ice cream. Their handcrafted ice cream is THE best ice cream around!! You can’t go to Coronado and not pass by MooTime for some delicious treat!

3. Take a Gondola Ride

Not many people know that gondola rides are available in Coronado. The Gondola Company can take you on a romantic gondola ride for your anniversary. The ride is 50 minutes long and it goes out in the marina through the Coronado Cays.

4. Take anniversary photos and have these memories last forever

Photo by Camila Margotta Photography

As a photographer it’d be foolish of me not to recommend you take this time to have some professional anniversary photos taken. You’re already at a beautiful place for photos. Take this time to dress up for each other and have your anniversary trip captured so that you can relive it for years to come! After your photoshoot, since you’re already dressed up, go on a nice dinner date and finish up the night with some champagne 🍾

Feel free to send me a message 2-6 weeks before your trip to see if I have availability! https://camilamargotta.com/contact

Photo by Camila Margotta Photography

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