Should You Do a First Look At Wedding Day?

You are so excited about planning your wedding that now probably wondering if doing a first look at your wedding day is right for you. Long gone are the days when you HAD to wait to see your spouse until you were walking down the aisle. Let me guess? You want to capture the purest emotions of happiness and awe during that moment. Here’s the thing, with a first look, it’s EVEN BETTER. Let me explain why.

A first look at your wedding gives more time for the bride and groom and family photos before the ceremony.

Because the first look at your wedding is built into your timeline, it allows for a set time to take formal portraits of the couple and of family. Time after the ceremony can get a little hectic with people scattering and SO excited to chat and get to those cocktails at the reception. Before the ceremony, things are more manageable when it comes to gathering family for those formal photos you want!

Couple on their wedding day walking and looking at each other with some trees in the background

Nobody will the blocking THE shot.

The ceremony is obviously the HEART of your wedding, and we’ll get some jaw-dropping shots! But sometimes sweet uncle Joe, who we all love because he’s adorable, will take out his iPhone when you really would prefer a shot without it. I will always strive to get shots without those awesome phones, but a first look at your wedding gives you that ALONE time with ZERO distractions! This leads me to the next reason…

It will calm your nerves!

Can I get an amen!? Your wedding day will be filled with SO much emotion and love (and that emotion tends to include those monster butterflies you wish would have stayed at the zoo). Doing a first look at your wedding gives you the chance to face the most nerve-wracking part of your day with your love. Without the crowd, without some of that awkwardness, we often fear, and will get you ready for that big moment when you walk down the aisle!

(And just in case you’re wondering, most grooms cry at a first look AND when his bride is walking down the aisle to exchange vows!)

couple kissing, guy holding the bride by the bay with a boat in the background

If you have a first look at your wedding you get MORE photos! Yay!

When you have time set aside for a first look at your wedding, you end up getting WAY more photos (and who doesn’t love more photos)?! This also means adding a second location for photos, as we tend to take more portraits AFTER the ceremony as well. This can add about 50+ MORE photos, that I promise, you’ll absolutely LOVE!

Allows you to enjoy the cocktail hour.

No one likes stressing out about photos before grabbing that first glass of champagne! Setting time aside before the ceremony will allow you to enjoy the excitement with your guests after you say, “I DO!”

My favorite reason?

When you have a first look at your wedding you get that moment in private with your spouse to really connect with each other. Being together, alone, takes away the nerves of having that first look while walking down the aisle where there are hundreds of people staring at you. In fact, it’s usually the only alone time a couple will have together throughout the day.

My couples NEVER regret having a first look. E.V.E.R.

Soooo…if you haven’t already guessed, a first look is a HUGE plus in my book. Not only to have the best photos but to give you that time to TRULY take it all in. Alone. Together. In LOVE.

If after reading all of these reasons you are still thinking about it, BRIDES wrote on this too and you can read about pros and cons here straight from their website. If you would like to read about it from The Knot you can find it here.

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