Why You Need a Wedding Coordinator

So if you’re recently engaged, you’re probably overwhelmed with all the planning involved! Many couples like to save on the cost of a full-blown wedding planner and opt for a day- or month of coordinator instead! So what the heck is a coordinator?

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What is a day-of wedding coordinator?

If you want to have more control over the planning of your wedding, then a coordinator would be perfect. Coordinators are essentially hired just on the day of your wedding. They make sure that you stick to your timeline and that all your vendors are managed (without you having to be involved). Yay! No couple needs that extra stress when they are enjoying the best day of their lives!

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What is the difference between the planner and the coordinator?

Now, don’t be confused. A planner will work with you on your wedding from start to finish, versus a coordinator, who will simply manage the day of your wedding so it all runs smoothly. Depending on your budget, I would 100% recommend hiring a coordinator in general!

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In an ideal scenario, if you opt-out of a planner, I would definitely say you need a month of coordinator. A wedding coordinator will basically join the process a few weeks to a few months prior to your big day. They should definitely be on your list of vendors to contact at the beginning! From my personal experience as a wedding photographer, trust me, you’ll want one! They keep the day running on time and deal with all the stress, so you don’t have to!

As a photographer who has experienced weddings without a coordinator to run the day, I no longer take on those weddings. I cannot accept to work a wedding without a coordinator to run the day. You may be wondering why. The main reason for that is because it then falls on me to make sure not only the photography timeline stays on time but I will also be running around to make sure everything else is. With that being said, I can not serve you as a photographer and deliver the photos you’re investing for in a way that I would if I am there to only be your photographer!

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When should I hire a coordinator?

That all depends on your needs! If you LOVE the idea of planning your wedding all by yourself, it’s still recommended that you contact someone at least 3-6 months before your big day (and even earlier if you think you may need them for more than just crowd control on the day of your wedding). This allows both you and your coordinator to get the full picture of your day and to also allow for any changes that you may need to incorporate as you go. This will also allow you to know and work this service into your budget!

What does a wedding coordinator do exactly?

Your month of coordinator will help manage all of your vendors on your wedding day, so you don’t have to. They will keep you on track with your intended timeline, help manage and move crowds, inform guests where to go, make sure your cake is in the right place, and help your photographer gather your family for those amazing photos you want! They can basically do as much or as little as you’d like! That’s the best part, you can work with your coordinator and tell them exactly what you’d like them to handle!

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What is the price range for this service?

Coordinators who work just on the day of your wedding typically range in price from $1000 for a few hours to about $2500 for an entire day!

Do I recommend a day-of coordinator?

YES! TOTALLY! Only one of the many many reasons why is really simple, you should spend your day with your new spouse, laughing, crying happy tears, enjoying the day with your guests, and soaking it ALL in. There is nothing better than having someone manage those small (yet, stressful) glitches that sometimes happen. It’s SO worth it friends, I promise!

To read more on why you need to hire a wedding coordinator, feel free to check out what Aisle Planner had to say!

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