My story, why I do what I do.

Photography is something that is so meaningful and personal; I couldn’t help but be attracted to this creative art form. While storytelling through words has never been a strength of mine; photography creates a powerful way for me to tell stories as I see them. So when I found this expressive outlet, I couldn’t help but fall in love. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, being wedding photographer has always been a perfect fit.

Remembering my past

​​Growing up in Brazil, I was always surrounded by family and friends. When we moved to the United States when I was 11 years old; photos were always there to give me a sense of home in a foreign place. Because technology was not as advanced at the time; Facetime calls didn’t exist, and international phone calls were expensive; these photos were what kept me connected to everyone back in Brazil. I can remember so much of my childhood thanks to the photos that my family saved. It has preserved so many memories and kept me close to those I love; even when we are separated by distance. 

I believe that photographs are extremely powerful and have played a significant role in my life. When I had my children, I decided I wanted to do the same for them: to have all of these memories and photos to tell their story. That’s when I became interested in photography and in photographing people. I learned photography with my girls, and they continue to inspire me to this day.

Becoming a wedding photographer

I had no idea that my passion for photography would grow into a thriving business where I could express myself every day. A few years ago, my husband was faced with the decision to leave the military so he could spend more time with our family. This is what gave me even more motivation to start my business and help support our family and have my husband home with us. Family means everything to me, and I wanted my family to be together, making memories. This transition was critical in launching my business and will remain a memorable time in my life.

I’ve spent my entire life looking through photos of the past. I love how each photo tells a story; and I’ve been determined to tell as many stories of my life with my family through photos as possible. This is when I realized how important photography is and how much of a role the photographer plays in telling the story. Photography was a way to keep stories alive, whether it was looking through photos of past relatives to feel a sense of home, or looking through photos of the most exciting days of your life. As I mentioned before, storytelling through writing is not my forte, but through photography, I have found a way to say everything I want to say and to eternally preserve life’s most important moments.

I love that through my business I get to tell these stories for my wedding couples and preserve these family memories for all my clients.

My Family

Photo By Mandy Ford
Photo By Mandy Ford
Photo By Mandy Ford
Photo By Mandy Ford
Photos By Mandy Ford
Photos By Mandy Ford

If you’re looking for a San Diego photographer to capture your wedding day or your family’s next milestone, I would love to hear from you! You can contact me through my website or just click here. I focus on capturing life’s most precious moments and turning them into lifelong keepsakes.

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