10 Best Wedding Day Tips

Wedding Day Tips

When getting ready for your wedding day, I am sure you have heard some tips from your closest friends, co-workers, and family. And while all of those tips are definitely helpful, I have been to more weddings than I can count and have compiled a list of 10 tips to make your wedding day stress-free and memorable. Take it from a pro who has seen it all!

1. Have your details ready for your photographer 

While gathering your wedding day details on the morning of your wedding may appear to be a simple task, it is critical to have all of your details ready for your photographer. If we arrive on site and have to spend time gathering those details, we will have less time to photograph those important items. We recommend putting all of the items you want photographed in one box one or two days before your wedding. That way, when we arrive, we can get right to work photographing, which will help us stay on schedule for the rest of the wedding day. Consider including some of the following wedding day details in your collection: groom and bridal shoes, cufflinks, watch, tie, perfume/cologne, wedding dress, invitation suite, and both wedding bands Bonus: Ask your florist to set aside greenery and a few buds for us to use in styling our photos! 

2. Talk to your photographer about your wedding day timeline and what photos are most important to you. 

When creating your wedding day timeline, consult with your wedding photographer to ensure that the proposed timeline includes all of the photos you want taken during your wedding. While it may appear that you can get all of your wedding party and family photos done in a certain amount of time, keep in mind how long it will take to find and gather everyone required for the photos. Make sure that anyone who will be needed for photos knows when and where they will be needed prior to your wedding to minimize downtime.

3. Schedule personal time for the two of you

Recently, I’ve had more wedding couples schedule in time for just the two of them, and I now recommend it to everyone! The wedding day can be so hectic that couples forget to enjoy themselves. If you are doing a first look, I recommend doing your wedding party and family photos prior to the ceremony so that you can have a personal moment while still being able to join everyone at cocktail hour.

4. Schedule adequate time for hair and makeup 

Include your photographer as well as your hair and makeup team when creating your wedding day timeline. Your beauty team will know exactly how long each service will take and can backtrack your start time once they know what time everyone must be ready by. If hair and makeup take longer than expected, we may not be able to complete all of the photos you had hoped to complete before your ceremony begins. This is why we always recommend leaving some time for touch-ups/finishing touches on any of the beauty services.

5. Minimize photo locations

While San Diego has many gorgeous locations for your wedding day photos, we suggest minimizing the number of photo locations that you choose. City traffic can cause delays in moving from one location to the next, which is why we recommend scheduling in extra buffer time, should you choose more than one location for photos. Luckily, many areas and venues in San Diego offer a wide variety of different types of photo locations, which will still help create some diversity in your album. If you have any questions about where you would like to take photos, reach out and I would be happy to make some recommendations around or close to your venue. 

6. Think about where you will be getting ready 

When selecting your getting ready location, select an area with enough space for you and your bridesmaids to spread out without feeling crowded. For all of your getting ready shots, windows and natural light are ideal for your beauty team and photographer. Also, remind everyone in the area to keep things tidy and clutter-free so that the backgrounds of your photos aren’t cluttered with purses and garment bags.

7. Assign as Bustling Assistant 

Bring at least one person with you when you pick up your wedding gown who can learn to bustle your gown for you on your wedding day. I also recommend filming the dress shop bustling your gown and having your bustling assistant practice a few times before the ceremony. If you can teach a few people how to bustle your dress before the wedding, the process will go much more quickly on the big day.

8. Consider a first look 

If you want to take a lot of wedding day photos without feeling rushed, a first look is a great option. Having that time for photos before the ceremony ensures that you have enough time for all of your couples portraits, family portraits, and wedding party portraits. It’s also a great way to spend more time with your soon-to-be husband on your wedding day. 

9. Embrace the unexpected 

It is almost certain that a few things will not go as planned on your wedding day. Whether it’s a bridesmaid who arrived late for their beauty services or the weather is the polar opposite of what you expected, it’s important to remember why you’re here and what the importance of the day is. You’ll be less stressed on your wedding day if you can embrace the unexpected, making it easier to just enjoy it.

10. The First Kiss 

Our biggest piece of advice for your first kiss is to kiss for longer than feels natural. This gives your photographer and videographer plenty of time to capture the moment. I also recommend that the couple stop at the end of the aisle for another kiss or dip so that we can photograph them with all of their guests celebrating behind them.

Looking for more wedding day advice or expertise? Head back to our blog now to explore some of our other wedding topics! Or if you’re looking for a San Diego photographer to capture your wedding day or your family’s next milestone, I would love to hear from you! You can contact me through my website or just click here. I focus on capturing life’s most precious moments and turning them into lifelong keepsakes.

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