Why Wedding Photography Is An Investment

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You’ve found the love of your life, chosen your wedding venue, and set your wedding date – now it’s time to pick your wedding photographer! While most wedding couples’ initial instinct when selecting a new vendor is to keep costs as low as possible, it’s still vital to remember that hiring a wedding photographer is an investment rather than a cost. Wedding photographers are investments as the photos will be the only thing remaining after the wedding is over. They are what you will have left to look at when celebrating your 10-year anniversary!

5 Reasons to Invest in a Wedding Photographer 

  1. Photographers will use your photos to tell the complete story of your wedding. On the day of your wedding, give your photographer enough time. A photographer who understands and creates their own photo timeline. They will create it with enough time to capture everything you are looking for. From getting ready with the ladies at your side to when dad starts tearing it up on the dance floor. Your photographer will document the entire day, from start to finish, to help tell your entire wedding story.
  1. When looking through your wedding album you’ll be reminded of those special moments from the day, and my goal is that you even feel the same rush you did when you walked down the aisle to your partner.

    Your photographer may also capture memories that you didn’t realize were so important to you at the time, such as photos of you with friends that you won’t see again for a long time after the event or a picture of you and your grandma dancing together who has since passed away.
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  1. Investing in a photographer you enjoy allows you to have complete control over how your love story is presented. The editing technique of the photographer you select will have an impact on the overall vibe of your wedding album. Do you want your wedding to have a light, breezy, and stress-free feel to it? Consider hiring a photographer that edits in a similar style to help evoke certain emotions while looking through your photos. 
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  1. Your wedding photos are one way to share your big day with those who couldn’t make it. Your wedding images will be shared with family members near and far. As well as future relatives who may not even be alive yet. Imagine presenting your future children your wedding day album. In which has caught the genuine moments and authentic emotions of the day so beautifully.
wedding party all walking together looking at each other
  1. Photographers who are higher investment often have greater expertise. As a wedding photographer who has shot over 100 weddings myself I know that first hand. That is important because when it comes to dealing with unforeseen events on the day of your wedding you need someone who knows precisely how to handle it. For example, an unexpected rainstorm or exceptionally harsh lighting reflecting off the ocean waves. Or maybe makeup runs late and you have less time for portraits. These events can make an impact on the photos if not handled and photographed correctly.  Experienced photographers also means more experience working with people. This can but useful to help you feel more at ease and look more natural in front of the camera.
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Wedding Photography

When selecting a wedding photographer, it is critical that you not only appreciate their style of photography but also have a personal connection with them. In a previous blog post, WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, we discussed what to look for in a photographer, so be sure to read that before you begin your search.

If you’re looking for a San Diego photographer to capture your wedding day or your family’s next milestone, I would love to hear from you! You can contact me through my website or just click here. I focus on capturing life’s most precious moments and turning them into lifelong keepsakes. 

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