How To Order A Wedding Album

A personalized and beautiful wedding album is the best way to capture and relive your wedding day for years to come. This is a step in the post-wedding process that many couples overlook and regret years later. I always get couples asking me how to order a wedding album. I will collaborate with you to create an album that is more than just a collection of images. But one that tells your wedding day love story from start to finish through genuine and authentic images. A physical album is the best way to relive your wedding. It’s the finishing touch to your wedding photography experience.

How To Order A Wedding Album:

What size albums do you offer?

I offer three different album sizes. The largest size is a 12” x 12”, followed by a 10” x 10” which is the most popular. Then an 8” x 8” album is usually referred to as the parent album. The 8×8 album is known as that because it is an excellent gift for your parents. All standard albums include a total of 20 spreads (40 pages), but additional pages can be added for a fee. 

What is the process for ordering my custom album?

There are four steps to creating your beautiful work of art, your wedding album. 

Step 1: Choose your album size. I offer 8″ x 8”, 10” x 10″, and 12” x 12” wedding albums.  

Step 2: Choose your cover material. Your cover material options include premium leather, distressed leather, linen, silk, or bookcloth. See material color options here

Step 3: Choose your cover design. You have three options for your cover design: Cameo, perfect for featuring your favorite photo from the album. Embossing of your names, a hand-crafted personal touch, or full material coverage. 

Step 4: Please email me at with any size changes, duplicate albums, cover options and extras. 

Once your album is ordered, you should expect to receive the album within 4 weeks. 

Do we choose the photos that go into the album or do you?

I allow clients to be as involved as they want throughout the process. This can mean you have three options when selecting photos for your album. 

The first option is for you, the client, to choose 100% of the photos that will appear in the album. This is usually around 80 photos. This fully customizable album is an excellent choice for a couple who wishes to go through their photo album together. This allows you to go in great detail and select the best of the best to include in their book.

The second option is to choose some of your favorite photos for the album and leave the rest to me. If you have a few standout photos from the album but can’t decide which ones to include, this is the perfect option for you. All of your favorite photos will be perfectly paired next to carefully selected images.

The last option is to be completely surprised when you receive the album and to let me completely control the photo selection process. If you love every single photo and can’t decide which ones to include, let me surprise you with a well-curated album that perfectly captures and represents your special day!

Do you create the album or do we have to do it ourselves?

When grouping photos together, I design the album and pay attention to all of the details that will make the album look great. I then send it to you so you can look over the design. I use a program that allows you to go in and review each page and leave me notes on what you want to change or move around. After the first three included album revisions, there is a small fee for each additional album revision. 

How long does this process take?

Depending on the revision response time, this process can be lengthy. The average time between selecting an album and receiving it in your hands is about 2-3 months. 

If you are ready to order an album or wishes to discuss more about it please don’t hesitate to reach out. I love creating this keepsake for all of my couples.

How To Order A Wedding Album

If you’re looking for a photographer in San Diego to capture your wedding day or your family’s next milestone, I would love to hear from you! You can contact me through my website or just click here. I focus on capturing life’s most precious moments and turning them into lifelong keepsakes.

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